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Avatar StriteR.2999051117[CN] Natural Selection 2.0

| What is this

- Natural Selection 2.0
- Aimed 12v12 and further
- Extension for original ns2 gamemode
- Takes to bring more fun to the game.

| What it includes

- A bunch of gameplay tweaks.
- A lot techs added.

For Both Teams

- Res kill grants pRes
- Overhauled power system.
- Ragdoll exists longer(?)
- Extend respawn time during late game(>20min).

For Marines

- [Standard]&[Explosive] Tech branch.
- [Nanoarmor]&[LifeSustain] Research.
- MachineGun,Knife,SubmachineGun,Revolver
- Cannnon
- CombatBuilder to build utilities as marines.
- Alt attack mod for [Shotgun]&[Grenade Launcher]

For Aliens

- Remove cyst restriction for tunnel(still needs gorge).
- [FastTunnel] research to travel distance faster.

- Most unused [Traits] been boosted (includes cloak).
- Prowler (Modifed) to reel enermy with his rappelsilk.
- Rework gorges bilemine to babbler hive.
- Pheromones will spawn a babbler on hit.
- Onos devour (tweaked).
- Xenocide with 8 biomass.

| Further more

- Still being active developing and heavily tested(daily)
- About NS2CN: Active Developing Community from Asia.
- Feel free to contact me if anything troubles
- Original codes
No189.431 MiBJul 4, 202327-05-2024 16:58:10
Avatar ns2bdt2992773495BDT Community Balance Mod (dev)

BDT Community Balance Mod revision 2.5.0 (dev)

Development build of the BDT Community Balance Mod.

This build is for testing only and should not be run in live servers!

Any changes in this build are not guaranteed to make it into a mainsteam release.

View the source: here
No276.703 MiBJun 21, 202326-05-2024 22:01:51
Avatar Scatter3238134592Babbler Bomb (Dev)BabblerBombNo455.822 MiBMay 3, 202425-05-2024 12:42:01
Avatar Mephilles2819367993Mephs Mapping PlaygroundThis is my mapping playground.
There are multiple maps in this mod and all of them are variants of official maps that address either things that personally frustrate me on the map or what I perceive as balance/gameplay problem.

The maps in this mod are called like the original maps but have "_mmpg" added to the end.

Maps currently in the mod:
MapNo487.769 MiBJun 10, 202224-05-2024 18:28:39
Avatar Meteru3129515821Modular Exosuits Beta (DEV)Scatter's Modular Exos (based on the one from 2014 by Scatter). This mod allows you to customize your Exo in the Prototype Lab menu.

Beta version for CBM, work in progress.

Limitations: The flamethrower and welder use the railgun model. Therefore, you cannot mix a minigun with a welder, flamethrower, or railgun. Maybe one day, someone will sort out some extra models.

Credit to xDragon for active abilities and their GUI (including thruster, nano repair, and nano shield).
No47.817 MiBJan 2, 202423-05-2024 23:04:08
Avatar Parad0x3241074471Community TDA collection of changes made to Thunderdome servers to help facilitate seamless play with community hosted servers.

- Removed rematch vote
- Shortened intermission time to 10 seconds
- Unassigned players will be forced into spec rather than being kicked
- Admin command to substitute players into the team list without requiring a server restart. 
    - sv_sub
No81.64 KiBMay 6, 202418-05-2024 00:34:18
Avatar |-DMD-| WiseChoices2493044543DMD-CaptainsDMD-Captains

Mod ID: 9498d73f
No131.921 KiBMay 21, 202117-05-2024 04:38:56
Avatar |-DMD-| WiseChoices867103851DMD Server Files 4Contains server files for DMD servers.Yes1.528 MiBFeb 18, 201717-05-2024 03:36:52
Avatar Joshua-Boo-Boos3241740866Joshua-Boo-Boos Onocide ModOni get onocide at biomass 8 in ns2 maps and once the second biomass upgrade has been purchased in co maps (requiring 11 points in total to obtain like stomp and devour including the cost of evolving into an onos).No9.977 KiBMay 7, 202414-05-2024 18:39:36
Avatar StriteR.2989054613[CN] Community Startup请勿直接订阅!.No99.989 MiBJun 14, 202314-05-2024 18:08:12
Avatar Harq2937942344Enhanced Captains ModeEnhanced DMD-Captains modNo133.51 KiBFeb 24, 202314-05-2024 00:34:22
Avatar Harq2981646962DMD Server Files 4 bot 1.5Contains server files for DMD servers.
With Bot Manager
No1.536 MiBMay 28, 202314-05-2024 00:33:36
Avatar Joshua-Boo-Boos3236404635Joshua-Boo-Boos Lerk Lift ModGorges can hold their reload key when both close to and aiming at a lerk to attach themselves to the lerk assuming there are no other gorges nearby.

A gorge attached to a lerk can detach from the lerk by letting go of their reload key.

Gorges are not able to primary or secondary attack while attached to a lerk.

Be careful as an attached gorge to only release your reload key when you are not intersecting a collidable (so, do not detach from a lerk when you are in the middle of a wall).

Have fun!
No26.548 KiBMay 1, 202413-05-2024 15:46:35
Avatar StriteR.2733077552[CN] Request Extension往请求界面里加了些怪东西

Add something for request menu & voices.
X to check these horrible things.

-console commands for key binding
-albe to mute (client side) if its annoying
No8.788 MiBJan 27, 202212-05-2024 09:14:17
Avatar A Salt Gorge3242423517WoozaMiscFixesMoves Xenocide to a biomass 10 abilityNo17.623 KiBMay 8, 202412-05-2024 00:58:18
Avatar Joshua-Boo-Boos3243950908Joshua-Boo-Boos Onocide Mod - TestingJoshua-Boo-Boos Onocide Mod - TestingNo6.594 KiBMay 11, 202411-05-2024 15:31:35
Avatar Scatter3242248713Extra Weapons (Dev)ExtraWeaponsNo442.333 MiBMay 8, 202408-05-2024 15:03:42
Avatar bobrowsckih3240667982my classic pink crosshairmy classic pink crosshairCrosshairsNo512.25 KiBMay 6, 202406-05-2024 07:59:02
Avatar Joshua-Boo-Boos3193542133Joshua-Boo-Boos MEGA Exo ModExos now have a periodically activated short-range scanner which detects alien players.

Alien players with a cloaking value of 0.5 or more are not detected by the periodic scan.

The minigun exo has in addition to the scan received a new mode called "Siege Mode" which decreases the rate of fire of the minigun to 25% of the base value but increases the damage by a factor of 4 and is then increased by 10%.

Minigun exos cannot move while in Siege Mode and have their fuel set to zero.

Siege Mode can be activated and deactivated once every five seconds.

Marine players cannot leave a minigun exo while Siege Mode is activated.

The minigun sound has been changed and is played differently based on whether the minigun exo is in Siege Mode or not.

Press your reload key to enter and leave Siege Mode.

Furthermore, missiles have been added to the minigun exo which require 100% fuel to use.

Press 4 to fire a tracking missile which tracks alien players and deals 50 damage to alien players only and press 5 to fire a proximity mine which deals 100 damage to alien players only.
No13.116 MiBMar 20, 202405-05-2024 16:49:46
Avatar asdfg1570569142NSL Team Badges

NSL Team Badges

Display NSL team badges on the scoreboard.


Put it on your server, along with Shine Administration and [Shine] Epsilon. Badges+ is optional.

Enable the Shine plugin `epsilonbadges`, then go to EpsilonBadges.json and set `ENSLTeams` to `true`.

Adding a badge:

Contact the NSL admins with a link to your NSL team webpage and your desired badge image. Badges are 32-by-32px DDS images. Transparency is supported.

Thanks to SupaFred for making this originally, and Keats & Yeats for maintaining it. <3
No203.475 KiBNov 21, 201805-05-2024 13:30:14
Avatar T1Mba3235264238Ns2.0_local_testNs2.0_local_testNo177.657 MiBApr 29, 202429-04-2024 13:42:50
Avatar Meteru1893476114Wooza's HaggisContains these mods:
- Admin Powers, badges, mod panels, shoulder pads, loading icon.
- Disabled Only Commandstation
- Flamethrower fix
- Flexing Skills
- Gorge Heart Heal Spray
- IP limit increase
- Lua Configuration
- Manly Moustache
- Mod Panels++
- [Shine] Discord Bridge
- [Shine] Epsilon (Extra Ips, Enforce Team Sizes )
- [Shine] Rave
- [Shine] Wonitor
No50.606 MiBOct 19, 201928-04-2024 13:46:42
Avatar Rusty3231101209Quackity Quacka duck waddled up, then he waddled away waddle waddleNo12.105 KiBApr 24, 202424-04-2024 15:49:03
Avatar SupaFred1571291937TTOTTONo3.613 MiBNov 22, 201809-04-2024 18:33:36
Avatar StriteR.2950556522[CN] Arms Lab Researching仅用于MOD开发用途.
Test mod to avoid some upload problems.
Do not subscript/enable unless you know exactly what you are doing.
No142.925 MiBMar 22, 202306-04-2024 07:15:53